3 good reasons to sponsor us


Bring visibility to your company


The BPUG is a local event where people from all around Switzerland come to talk, and learn. If you provide us a banner, we would be glad to set it up in our meeting place. Our Sessions are recorded and all the speakers use the same slide decks template.  Your logo will figure on our slide decks, and your brand will be seen not only by the people physically present, but also by all the members of our Youtube Channel and potentially any follower of our Twitter account @bpug_

Positive Image

Spread good vibes

Positive image

Sponsoring a regular event like the BPUG will not only help your company gaining visibility but it will will also contribute into creating a positive image of your company. It will highlight your company’s intrest in the latest cloud technologies, most advanced IT administration methods and in the most cost effective implementation of Infrastructure solutions.

Show that you care

Ahead on the latest technolgies

Local presence

Shows the world that your company has deep values. Sponsoring a UserGroup shows that you value highly involved individuals that try to bring a change into the game. Caring about your local usergroup highlights the fact that your company follows the latest technical evolutions that the market has to offer and is in close contact with MVP’s and other technical experts of your region.

Want to help your local community?

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